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Asheville Clubs eNews

For those playing in the Asheville Clubs online BBO game.

Once or twice a month we send out favorable stats of those that have had a good month playing bridge. From time to time we include a little humor and announce winners in certain categories. Several times a month we send out a general news email.

Guest Policy Revisited, Last Round Robots

August 10th 2020

Asheville Clubs BREAKING NEWS Did you know, that if a Robot finishes the last hand for you, the Robot wins the master points, not you? YEP, hard to believe in this day and age BBO has not figured out how to make a Robot ineligible... So, if you are knocked off-line, please try to get back on before the end of the last board or all those hard earned master points from the game will be lost to the bot.  REVISITING THE VISITOR POLICY As most of you know, the Visitor Policy (formerly known as "Guest" pol ...Continue Reading

Test 1

This is a test mailing list to work out issues such as DKIM, DMARC and SPF

Test 1 Message

July 22nd 2020

Test message checking DKIM off of Temp stats, DMARC should be set to nothing and SPF should be Passing. JRF ...Continue Reading

Topboard eNews Flyer

News from Topbard! Online Schedules, Post Game Review info, Lesson subjects, Bridge Base Online hints and workarounds. News you will want to read if you are a Duplicate Bridge Player in the age of stay at home, stay safe, regardless where you live in the world!

At the moment we are only providing Post Game Reviews and Lessons to those that play in the Asheville Clubs online game. However, we plan to start offering Post Game Reviews for anyone that has played The Common Game hand of the day. So, sign up for this eFlyer regardless of where you live or play!

Topboard Convention Card Challange

July 23rd 2020

Greetings Topboard Monthly Pass Holders, Participants & those that have signed up on the Topboard.net website. NOTICE OF CONTEST Are you willing to accept the challange? Earn two free games on us! First, play with a Monthly Pass Holder that you have never played with before. That game will be be on the house. As a thank you for parterning (and following the terms below) you will be awarded another free game to play with anyone you desire.  RULES APPLY! The purpose of the contest is to encourage the practice ...Continue Reading