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Urgent BBO Message for Apple Devices

September 21st 2020

URGENT MESSAGE FOR BBO PLAYERS USING APPLE DEVICES Apple devices: iOS14 problems UPDATE: We have just released an upgrade to the web version of BBO fixing the recent problems experienced by players who have upgraded to iOS14 in the past few days. Please use the web version of BBO until the mobile apps are upgraded. Visit and tap Play Bridge Now to log in. Log in with your usual username and password. We have just discovered that the latest iOS14 operating system for Apple devices causes some serious ...Continue Reading

Gold Points this week! Miss Clicks, lets get rid of her, more bridge news

September 20th 2020

Asheville Clubs DOUBLE POINTS  (25% GOLD) We have the cards, we have have the Gold! Monday September 21st through Sunday September 27th. Games will payout double club points, of which 25% will be GOLD! Game fee is $6.75 per player. Register your partner as normal on BBO. Tired of Miss Clicks? Personally, I can't stand her, extremely uncooperative and anti-social. Unfortunately she has some magical powers and no matter what I do, she seems to show up at the most inopportune time.There are ways you can make it mo ...Continue Reading

Bridge Schedule Change, News, BBO Updates and more

September 11th 2020

Asheville Clubs SCHEDULE CHANGE MONDAY IS BRIDGE DAY ALL DAY (If Prince can have Wendesdays for Spagetti Day we can have Mondays for Bridge Day) 11:00 Lesson / Wayne Dow 12:35 0-750 Game 12:35 Open Fast Game 6:30 Community Chit Chat (Camp Fire) The Wednesdays evening Community Chit Chat now takes place on Monday Evenings. This is one of several changes that will take place as we head into fall and winter. If you have not participated in the Chit Chat, give it a try. Great fun way to improve your bridge game. An RSVP ...Continue Reading

August Asheville Bridge Stats

September 3rd 2020

AUGUST STATS A big thank you to Wayne Dow for his time and continued effort in providing the monthly stats! August Asheville Club Game Stats  (8/1 – 8/31) Special August Recognitions: Rob Rich and Lee Wilcox won nine games together in August, averaging over 64%.  What fun for them and the club - excellence is something to be enjoyed by all.  However, we shouldn’t allow their great run to continue without a fight, so in September, any 0–750 pair who hands Rob and Lee a bottom board can petition Jedi Jona ...Continue Reading

New Monday Game Open & 0-750 Experiment

August 30th 2020

Asheville Clubs NEW MONDAY OPEN & 0-750 BBO has added a new feature. We can now run multiple games at the same time and combine the total number of pairs from all the games so that points awarded are based on the sum total of all players from all the games! We have decided to give it a try and see if it works for you. Starting with the September 7th DOUBLE CLUB POINTS GAME ON MONDAY we will run an OPEN & 0-750 game. Give it a try and earn Double Club Points at the same time. Looking to improve your game? To ...Continue Reading

Game Results Changes, Community Chat & More

August 26th 2020

BACK TO THE OLD WAY We are now providing results just like we used to on the clubs websites along with statistics, hand records, makeable contract info and more. You still will be able to view the results on ACBL Live, although the club website now provides more info than on ACBL Live. We have updated the club website to include all games played so far in August (with the old format and detailed information.) You can _click here_ to view August Games or visit the club website, then navigate to the Results a ...Continue Reading

Schedule Change, Gold, Post Games & More

August 22nd 2020

Asheville Clubs MODIFIED SCHEDULE ALERT August 27th & 28th THU 27th: No Game, go for the GOLD! _Gold Schedule_     _Gold Game FAQs_  FRIDAY 28th TWO GAME OPTIONS  Go for the Gold in the Regional   OR   JOIN US IN THE BOONE / HICKORY / MORGANTON FAST GAME, starts at 12:35 $4.00 3 boards a round, 18 minute rounds, 21 Boards ALL ASHEVILLE CLUBS PLAYERS WELCOME! If you wish to play in this game, please _RSVP_! (on game day search for Morganton or vacb234062) ...Continue Reading

Wednesday Community Post Game Chat Invatation

August 18th 2020

WEDNESDAY POST GAME COMMUNITY CHAT An invitation to Asheville Bridge, to attend the first Zoom Wednesday on-line chat and education session, tomorrow evening, 6:30-7:30, hosted by Rob, Wayne and Jonathan: * Our first Zoom Wednesday session will be experimental, we have ideas about what our players might need and enjoy, and with your participation, we fully expect them to improve over time. We especially hope you will attend the first session and help us to develop Zoom Wednesdays into a friendly and effective social a ...Continue Reading

Convention Cards ♥ Open Game Review ♠ Gold Points

August 16th 2020

CONVENTION CARDS WE'RE HERE TO HELP ACBL has requested directors issue an Average Minus (AV-) to pairs that fail to self alert if opponents are damaged, especially if the pair that did not self alert has failed to fill out a convention card and is not playing BBO's default SAYC Card. Despite numerous emails, a good number of players still do not have convention cards onfile with their partners. Part of the issue appears to be filling out the card improperly. Hopefully, the following Zoom Webinar will be able ...Continue Reading

Guest Policy Revisited, Last Round Robots

August 10th 2020

Asheville Clubs BREAKING NEWS Did you know, that if a Robot finishes the last hand for you, the Robot wins the master points, not you? YEP, hard to believe in this day and age BBO has not figured out how to make a Robot ineligible... So, if you are knocked off-line, please try to get back on before the end of the last board or all those hard earned master points from the game will be lost to the bot.  REVISITING THE VISITOR POLICY As most of you know, the Visitor Policy (formerly known as "Guest" pol ...Continue Reading
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