July Bridge Stats & Wayne Letter

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Subject: July Bridge Stats & Wayne Letter
Date: August 3rd 2020

Asheville Bridge Room. Grand Slam Duplicate Bridge at the Jewish Community Center JCC

JULY STATS & Question from Wayne Dow


July Asheville Club Game Stats  (7/1 – 7/31)

July stats, and an education proposal to our members, courtesy of Wayne:  

Proposal & Survey Question:  Is there a need and would you be interested in attending weekly Wednesday evening Zoom sessions (6:30-7:30 pm) to discuss hands from the day’s open games and similar instructional topics, towards the purpose of raising the level of competition within Asheville Bridge? Please respond Yes or No, with any comments or suggestions, email to wayne@PROTECTED, subject Zoom Wednesdays It would be nice to know before making the effort whether our members would enjoy such an offering. 

In July, Jonathan and I began offering Monday pre-game mini-lessons and Thursday post-game review sessions for our 0-750 players, which has helped us get a handle on the technology needed to run Zoom and BBO simultaneously.  The first few sessions were a little rough, but our participants have been greatly patient and fun as we’ve steadily improved the service.

Zoom Wednesdays would rely on the same technology, but the leadership wouldn’t come from a single instructor.  One idea is to ask several players to present their favorite hand from the day, and to facilitate a participant discussion, leading to valuable lessons for all.  We might end each session with an exchange of ideas about how to improve our games, and how to raise the level of competition within our clubs.

In preparation for making this proposal, I’ve had individual conversations with Jonathan and Rob of JCC and ABR, also Kris, Judy, Lee, Mark T, Julie, and others, whose leadership in Zoom Wednesdays would be necessary to insure that they met the needs of our members.  Almost universally, the conversations ended with a question, are we serving wine?   Hmmm… would your participation be more likely were a bottle of your favorite delivered to your doorstep each Wednesday?  Whatever it takes…  and thanks so much for your consideration and reply.

Special July Recognitions:

Without question, the month of July goes to Lee Wilcox, who won all three main competitions, the most 60% games (9), most Master Points (20.98), and most wins (8).  Congratulations, Lee.  Grrrr. 

Max Shaw was close behind with 7 wins, and Julie Wilcox took third with 6.  Nick Frost took Silver Week with 8.73 MP’s.  Nettie White had the highest MP’s for 0-750 with 14.38.  Hal Campbell had the most 0-750 wins in open games (3).  Yours truly took or tied for second in several categories, except I took first in the number of second place finishes (6). Grrr, enough of that. I’m playing with Michaelann on Tuesday, my ringer, so the rest of you might as well stay home.

Club Stats:

July Games:  31

Total Tables: 297

Average Tables per game:  9.6

Total Different Players:  137

Total Players Scoring Master Points:  124

Total Master Points Scored:  526.61

Total Players - One or More 60% Games: 59

Total Players - One or More Games Won:  58

Total Players - One or More Games Won:  May-July:  94


Individual Stats 

1.  Milestones

 Dave Lehrer   Regional Master


2.  Top 20 Games by Percent  (0-750 in bold)

Peg Patterson/Wayne Dow        72.84          7/21

Robert Toomey/Jane Sumner  71.76          7/27

Nick Frost/Kris Boswinkel            71.05          7/29

Pete Schissel/Wayne Dow          70.06          7/1

Bert Hall/Lee Wilcox                     69.53          7/11

Peter Schoen/Lloyd Weinerman 69.00          7/17

Nettie White/Julie Wilcox         68.33          7/16

Lloyd Weinerman/Lisa Bryant    68.22          7/12

Paul Beebe/Kay Beebe                68.06          7/19

Pete Schissel/Wayne Dow          67.52          7/29

Cathy Osada/Julie Wilcox          67.50          7/2

Ernie Levenson/Lee Wilcox         66.47          7/18

Nick Frost/Kris Boswinkel            65.86          7/8

Nettie White/Julie Wilcox         65.97          7/9

Mark Threlkeld/Doug Hibshman   65.48          7/6

Lee Wilcox/Rob Rich                     65.12          7/1

Nettie White/Julie Wilcox         64.91          7/23

Peter Schoen/Myra Schoen               64.90          7/12

Carolyn Elliott/Bert Hall               64.81          7/17                          

Max Shaw/Barbara Lehrer          64.78          7/11


3.   Top 10 60+% Games  (0-750 in bold)

Lee Wilcox              9

Julie Wilcox          6

Nettie White         6

Max Shaw              6

Rob Rich                 6

Wayne Dow           6

Paul Westervelt     5

Nick Frost               4

Peter Schoen         4      


4.   Top 25 Master Point Totals  (0-750 in bold)

Lee Wilcox              20.98

Wayne Dow           17.67

Lloyd Weinerman 15.22

Rob Rich                 14.75

Max Shaw              14.64

Nettie White         14.38

Julie Wilcox          13.36

Nick Frost               12.64

Peg Patterson       11.11

Paul Westervelt     11.11

Peter Schoen         10.96

Ed Euler                 10.42

Francie Glickman     10.10

Bert Hall                 10.08

Ruth Carson           9.71

Philip Bulliard     9.59

Pete Schissel              9.45

Kris Boswinkel       9.38

Barbara Lehrer     9.03

Nancy Newberry   9.02

Patrick Barnes     8.40

Sylvia Cassel         7.96

Hal Campbell       7.58

Rich Levy              7.58

Chris Heppe         7.46


5.   Top 10 Silver Week Points  (0-750 in bold)

Nick Frost               8.72

Wayne Dow           7.32

Francie Glickman     6.26

Nettie White         6.08

Lee Wilcox            6.00

Julie Wilcox          5.94

Pete Schissel              5.94

Philip Bulliard     5.04

Lloyd Weinerman 4.78

Rich Levy              4.70

Norm Rosenstein   4.70


6.  First Place Finishes by 0-750 Players in Open Games

Hal Campbell         3

Pat Campbell         2

Julie Wilcox            2

Nettie White          2

Pete Schissel          2

Barry Curtis           1

Myra Schoen          1

Peg Patterson              1

Mary Park Ford     1

Sylvia Cassel          1


7.   Top 10 Game Winners

Lee Wilcox              8

Max Shaw              7

Julie Wilcox            6

Nettie White          5

Paul Westervelt     5

Wayne Dow           5

Rob Rich                 4

Peter Schoen         4

Lloyd Weinerman 4


8.  All July Game Winners

Kay Beebe

Paul Beebe

Kris Boswinkle          

Lisa Bryant

Philip Bulliard

Hal Campbell                        

Pat Campbell

Ruth Carson  

Sylvia Cassel             

Gayle Covey

Johanna Cressy

Barry Curtis

Linda Curtis

Pam Davis

xSteve Devico

Michaelann D

Sandi Dover

Wayne Dow

Sue Durham 

Carolyn Elliott

Ed Euler

Deborah Fabian

Steve Fabian

Mary Park Ford

Nick Frost

Joan Haber

Steve Haber

Bert Hall

Chris Heppe

Doug Hibshman

Donna Kelman

Barbara Lehrer

Ernie Levenson

Terry Littleton

Christine Nolte

Cathy Osada

Peg Patterson           

Rosalie Phillips

Randy Rae

Nola Ray

Rob Rich

Ginny Robertson

Norm Rosenstein

Pete Schissel 

Myra Schoen

Peter Schoen

Kerry Schwartz

Max Shaw

Barbara Stecher

Jane Sumner

Mark Threlkeld

Robert Toomey

Lloyd Weinerman

Mary Lynn Westervelt

Paul Westervelt

Nettie White 

Julie Wilcox

Lee Wilcox


9.   N/S - E/W  First Place Finishes by date

Rob Rich/Lee Wilcox                     7/1

Pete Schissel/Wayne Dow


Cathy Osada/Julie Wilcox            7/2


Max Shaw/Paul Westervelt         7/3

Barry Curtis/Linda Curtis


Ernie Levinson/Lee Wilcox          7/4

Steve Fabian/Deborah Fabian


Nettie White/Wayne Dow            7/5

Norm Rosenstein/Bert Hall


Mark Threlkeld/Doug Hibshman 7/6

Terry Littleton/Kerry Schwartz


Max Shaw/Paul Westervelt         7/7

Gayle Covey/Steve Devico


Rob Rich/Lee Wilcox                     7/8

Nick Frost/Kris Boswinkle


Nettie White/Julie Wilcox            7/9

MaryL Westervelt/Rosalie Phillips


Rob Rich/Lee Wilcox                     7/10

Paul Westervelt/Max Shaw


Max Shaw/Barbara Lehrer          7/11

Bert Hall/Lee Wilcox


Lisa Bryant/Lloyd Weinerman    7/12

Peter Schoen/Myra Schoen


Steve Haber/Joan Haber              7/13

Sandi Dover/Michaelann Dimitrijevich


Lloyd Weinerman/Randy Rea     7/14

Max Shaw/Paul Westervelt


Peter Schoen/Norm Rosenstein  7/15

Lloyd Weinerman/Bert Hall


Julie Wilcox/Nettie White            7/16

Philip Bulliard/Christine Nolte


Pat Campbell/Hal Campbell              7/17

Peter Schoen/Lloyd Weinerman


Pat Campbell/Hal Campbell               7/18

Ernie Levenson/Lee Wilcox


Barbara Lehrer/Ed Euler            7/19

Kay Beebe/Paul Beebe


Pam Davis/Betsy Stecher             7/20


Peg Patterson/Wayne Dow         7/21

Peter Schoen/Randy Rea


Barbara Lehrer/Max Shaw          7/22

Ruth Carson/Ed Euler


Nola Ray/Johanna Cressy            7/23

Nettie White/Julie Wilcox


Sue Durham/Ruth Carson           7/24

Paul Westervelt/Max Shaw


Hal Campbell/Wayne Dow          7/25

Mary Park Ford/Sylvia Cassel


Lee Wilcox/Julie Wilcox                7/26

Sue Durham/Ruth Carson


Robert Toomey/Jane Sumner     7/27

Philip Bulliard/Donna Kelman


Nick Frost/Carolyn Elliott             7/28

Rob Rich/Lee Wilcox


Nick Frost/Kris Boswinkel            7/29

Pete Schissel/Wayne Dow


Nola Ray/Johanna Cressy            7/30

Peg Patterson/Cris Heppe


Nettie White/Julie Wilcox            7/31

Ginny Robertson/Randy Rae

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