Guest Policy Revisited, Last Round Robots

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Subject: Guest Policy Revisited, Last Round Robots
Date: August 10th 2020

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Did you know, that if a Robot finishes the last hand for you, the Robot wins the master points, not you? YEP, hard to believe in this day and age BBO has not figured out how to make a Robot ineligible... So, if you are knocked off-line, please try to get back on before the end of the last board or all those hard earned master points from the game will be lost to the bot. 


Duplicate Bridge Virtual Guest Policy Asheville Bridge RoomAs most of you know, the Visitor Policy (formerly known as "Guest" policy) has changed several times since the onset of BBO Virtual Clubs Games.

ACBL now gives clubs a little leeway in creating their own visitor guidelines although we must still follow their general rules. In reviewing our latest figures, we have to make some minor changes to our visitor policy.

Members may invite a visitor to play. Once the visitor has been entered into our system, there is no need to notify us again, the visitor should remain on the visitor list until BBO or ACBL decides it is house cleaning time. If this is your first time playing with this visitor, please RSVP (RSVP page can be found on either Asheville Clubs website.)

Visitors may not play with other Visitors. We experimented with this for several weeks and decided it did not work as expected. If you are a visitor and played with another visitor in the past few weeks, your name has been removed from our allowed list. Please have a member contact us if you still wish to play.

Questions about the new Visitor policy? Give us a call at 828-900-1300.

Hope to see you online soon!
Jonathan Friedel

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