Gold Points this week! Miss Clicks, lets get rid of her, more bridge news

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Subject: Gold Points this week! Miss Clicks, lets get rid of her, more bridge news
Date: September 20th 2020

Asheville Duplicate Bridge Clubs North Carolina NC
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We have the cards, we have have the Gold!
Monday September 21st through Sunday September 27th. Games will payout double club points, of which 25% will be GOLD! Game fee is $6.75 per player. Register your partner as normal on BBO.

Tired of Miss Clicks? Personally, I can't stand her, extremely uncooperative and anti-social. Unfortunately she has some magical powers and no matter what I do, she seems to show up at the most inopportune time.There are ways you can make it more difficult for Miss Clicks to appear during your game.

Have you turned on Confirm Bids and Confirm Cards? Both these options help avoid the unwanted and unexpected appearance of Miss Click.

To enable these features, log into BBO and click on the Account Tab to the right. Then, click Settings at the top of the colum. Then find Confirm Bids and Confirm Cards and slide the switch to the right. Once enabled, when you click on a bid (call) you will then have to click an OKAY button to confirm you clicked the correct call. When you click on a card to play, after you the click the card, the card appears raised. You can then either click the card again to play it or click on another card instead. You can also toggle these features on and off during a game. Why not give it a try?

A Plethora of Bad Questions & Answers
(part 1)

4 NT has been bid asking for Aces
followed by 5D
(an actual director call at Asheville Clubs)

What does your bid mean?     Usual
What is Usual?     Ace Asking
Keycard?     No Answer

Director is called

How should it have gone?

What does your bid mean?     Showing 1 Ace
                                        -   or    -
How many aces does your bid show?      1 Ace (Blackwood)

REMEMBER: Alerting or answering with the name of a convention alone is not an acceptable. You must describe to the opponents the agreement  you and your partner have with each other (in other words, what is your partner expecting from the bid you just made, a nice description where the opponentes can visualize what is in your hand. Of course, you can include the convention name as a part of the answer, but you must also make a clear and precise description including point range or strength level if applicable.


11:00 Lesson
12:35 0-750 Game
12:35 Open Fast Game

6:30 Campfire (Community Chit Chat discussing hands of the day)

0-750 game is 18 boards, 2 or 3 boards per round, 8 min per board
Open Fast game is 21 boards, 3 boards per round, 18 min rounds
For lesson info as well as to RSVP for the Campfire, visit or call 828-900-1300.

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