September Bridge Stats & Beginner Bridge Class

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Subject: September Bridge Stats & Beginner Bridge Class
Date: October 1st 2020

Asheville Bridge Room. Grand Slam Duplicate Bridge at the Jewish Community Center JCC

September Asheville Club Game Stats  (9/1 – 9/30)

Call for Membership Participation in Beginner’s Bridge Mentorship


In consultation with ABR’s leadership, Jonathan and I are finalizing plans to offer on-line classes for beginners for the purpose of adding to the active membership of Asheville Clubs. But we’ll need help from our current members to make it work, particularly in recommending possible participants, and your willingness to mentor and integrate new players into our games.


Do you know of someone in your family or friendship circle who’s interested in learning Bridge?  It’s not necessary that they be local.  Assuming we sponsor excellent classes, mentor/mentee games, 0 – 20’s, and other ongoing teaching games as needed, would you be willing to assist in the development and mentorship of a new player and member in our clubs?  If so, please communicate with Jonathan (828) 900-1300 and help make the introduction.  Also, are you interested in learning to teach or co-teach on-line beginner classes? Step up if you can.  Your service is much needed.


Special September Recognitions:


Will you mind if I recognize myself this month, or should I say, this half-month, because by the 20th, I only had one win under my belt, but by the 30th, I had eight, most coming in Gold Week.  I’d feel better about it all if I’d actually played better than in previous months, but in truth, several wins were with less than 60%, games that Rob and Lee might easily have won had they not stumbled a bit themselves in the last couple weeks.  I look forward to continuing our high-level competition in October, and also against Bert Hall, Kris Boswinkel, Peg Patterson, and Max Shaw, who all had great Septembers as well.


As always, our 0-750 players continue to inspire, especially in open games.  For instance, in eight open Gold Week games, you scratched or better in 62 of the 130 paying positions, almost half.   In all thirty open September games, 0 – 750 pairs took first or second in fifteen of them.  Congratulations, especially to Peg, Johanna, Nettie, Philip, and Mary Lynn, who each won two open games, and to Mary Lynn and Nettie, who scored 68% in their open win on the 14th.


Peggy Axley turned Gold Life Master last month - that’s a lot of points, honey.  Mary Lynn Westervelt turned Bronze?  How did that happen, didn’t you just become LM in May?  Axley better watch out, at that rate, you’ll catch her in January.  Doug Hibshman and Bill Tyler also turned Bronze, and Mark Threlkeld, Linda Wilson, and Janie Sumner all advanced as well.  Congratulations to everyone.


Next month will complete our first half-year of virtual club games.  I don’t know what they might be yet, but some extra-special recognitions are in order.  Hmmm, best dressed maybe?


Club Stats:


September Games:  34

Total Tables:  292

Average Tables per game:  8.7

Total Different Players May-Aug:  128/124/137/128/130

Total Players Scoring Master Points:  107

Total Master Points Scored:  554.8

Total Players - One or More 60% Games: 56

Total Players - One or More Games Won:   57

Total Players - One or More Games Won:  May-Sept:  107


Individual Stats


1.  Milestones


Peggy Axley                       Gold Life Master

Mary Lynn Westervelt      Bronze Life Master

Bill Tyler                             Bronze Life Master

Doug Hibshman                Bronze Life Master

Mark Threlkeld                 Regional Master

Linda Wilson                      Sectional Master

Janie Sumner                     Sectional Master


2.  Top Games by 65+%


Bert Hall/Wayne Dow              76.16          9/21

Kay Beebe/Paul Beebe            70.00          9/11

Ed Euler/Kathy Swaringen         69.77          9/29

Lisa Bryant/Jim O’Hara            69.72          9/10

Kay Beebe/Paul Beebe            68.32          9/18

Kerry Schwartz/Terry Littleton  68.87          9/21

Kay Beebe/Paul Beebe                67.78          9/9

Jane Champion/Wayne Dow       67.73          9/18

Gayle Covey/Steve Devico            67.46          9/1

Peggy Axley/Eldon Clayman       67.11          9/6

Mary Lynn W/Nettie White         66.87          9/14

Christine Nolte/Joel Rappaport   66.76          9/21

Lee Wilcox/Rob Rich                     66.69          9/18

Lloyd Weinerman/Norm Rosenstein   65.29     9/12

Kris Boswinkel/Nick Frost            65.01          9/23


3.   Total 60+% Games 


Wayne Dow           8

Bert Hall                 8

Kay & Paul Beebe 5

Peg Patterson          5

Lee Wilcox              5

Kris Boswinkel       4

Barbara Lehrer     4

Max Shaw              4

Bill Tyler                 4

Julie Wilcox            4

Patrick Barnes       3

Nick Frost               3

Dave Lehrer           3

Rob Rich                 3

Norm Rosenstein   3

Lloyd Weinerman 3

Paul Westervelt     3         


4.   Top 25 Master Point Totals


Wayne Dow           27.56

Bert Hall                 21.86

Kris Boswinkel       17.55

Peg Patterson          14.78

Max Shaw              14.21

Lee Wilcox              13.45

Lloyd Weinerman 12.18

Paul Westervelt     11.98

Lisa Bryant             11.96

Nettie White          11.94

Barbara Lehrer     11.74

Nick Frost               11.69

Peter Schoen         10.85

Kay Beebe              10.81

Paul Beebe             10.81

Ed Euler                 10.74

Patrick Barnes       10.42

Chris Heppe           10.34

Rob Rich                 10.29

Julie Wilcox            10.06

Nancy Newberry   9.52

Pete Schissel          9.30

Philip Bulliard       9.29

Stephen Wiesenfeld 9.29

Judy Shillinglaw    9.04

Bill Tyler                 9.02

Carolyn Elliott        8.78

Mary L Westervelt 8.49


5.  Top Finishes by 0-750 Pairs in Open Games


Helen Carroll/Peg Patterson       61.11%      3rd   9/5

Doug Hibshman/Philip Bulliard  58.02%      1st    9/12

Nettie White/Mary Lynn W.            66.87%      1st    9/14

Sylvie Horvath/Philip Bulliard    61.94%      1st    9/16

Laura Spinks/Russ Palmeri         59.52%      2nd   9/19

Philip Bulliard/Patrick Barnes    59.68%      2nd   9/20

Johanna Cressy/Christine Nolte  56.53%      1st    9/22

Nettie White/Mary Lynn W.            58.64%      1st    9/25

Joel Rappaport/Christine Nolte   57.95%      2nd   9/25

Elaine Colokathis/Chris Heppe   59.77          2nd   9/25

Pat Campbell/Hal Campbell          58.50          1st    9/26

Michaelann D/Johanna Cressy    58.00          2nd   9/26

Bill Tyler/Darcey Rose                  64.91%      1st    9/27

Ronna Bloom/Donna Kelman      61.89%      1st    9/30


6.   Top September Game Winners


Wayne Dow           8

Bert Hall                 5

Peg Patterson          5

Max Shaw              5

Julie Wilcox            5

Kay Beebe              4

Paul Beebe             4

Peter Schoen         4

Paul Westerveld    4

Nettie White          4

Lee Wilcox              4

Kris Boswinkel       3

Carolyn Elliott        3

Barbara Lehrer     3

Norm Rosenstein   3

Bill Tyler                 3

Lloyd Wienerman 3

Mary L Westerveld   3


7.  All September Game Winners


George Ackerman             

Peggy Axley                          

Patrick Barnes                      

Paul Beebe                            

Kay Beebe                             

Ronna Bloom                        

Kris Boswinkel                                  

Lisa Bryant                            

Phillip Bulliard                     

Pat Campbell                        

Hal Campbell                        

Jane Champion                     

Eldon Clayman                     

Gayle Covey                          

Johanna Cressy                    

Steve Devico                         

Michaelann D                                   

Wayne Dow                          

Carolyn Elliott                       

Ed Euler                                

Nick Frost                  

Francie Glickman                  

Bert Hall                                

Daniel Hayman                     

Michele Heller                      

Chris Heppe                          

Doug Hibshman                   

Sylvie Horvath                      

Donna Kelman                     

Barbara Lehrer                    

Dave Lehrer                                      

Ernie Levinson                     

Terry Littleton                      

Christine Nolte                     

Jim O’Hara                            

Peg Patterson                                   

Nola Ray                                

Rob Rich                                

Ben Roberts                          

Darcy Rose                            

Norm Rosenstein      

Pete Schissel                         

Peter Schoen                        

Kerry Schwartz        

Max Shaw                 

Judy Shillinglaw       

Gretchen Smith                    

Kathie Swaringen                

Mark Threlkeld                    

Bill Tyler                                

Lloyd Weinerman                

Steve Weisenfeld                 

Mary Lynn Westervelt

Paul Westervelt        

Nettie White             

Lee Wilcox                 

Julie Wilcox                           


8.  Cumulative Game Wins,  May - September


George Ackerman              3         

Joe Aull                               1

Peggy Axley                       2         

Ed Banta                            2

Patrick Barnes                   10      

Paul Beebe                         8         

Kay Beebe                          8         

Howard Berkowitz            1

Ronna Bloom                     1         

Henry Bodenheimer         2

Peter Bohan                       1

Kris Boswinkel                   13                              

Bill Boynton                       5

Dan Brown                         1

Lisa Bryant                         10      

Phillip Bulliard                  12      

Pat Campbell                     7         

Hal Campbell                     10      

Ruth Carson                       8

Helen Carroll                     1

Sylvia Cassel                      2

Jane Champion                  4         

John Clancy                        1

Bruce Clark                        1

Eldon Clayman                  2         

Gayle Covey                       2         

Johanna Cressy                 4         

Barry Curtis                       2

Linda Curtis                       2

Pam Davis                          4

Robert Davis                      1

Steve Devico                      2         

Candace Dickinson            1

Michaelann D                      7         

Sandi Dover                       2

Wayne Dow                       31      

Sue Durham                      5

Carolyn Elliott                    13      

Ed Euler                             10      

Don Farver                         3

Mary Park Ford                 1

Peggy Frank                       7

Jonathan Friedel               1

Nick Frost                           18      

Betty Gibson                      7

Francie Glickman               4         

Elliott Grosh                       2

Joan Haber                         1

Steve Haber                       1

Bert Hall                             15      

Arthur Harvey                   2

Renu Harvey                      2

Daniel Hayman                  1         

Michele Heller                   4         

Chris Heppe                       8         

Doug Hibshman                8         

Nancy Lee Hoffman          1

Sylvie Horvath                   2         

Jane Hughes                      1

Donna Kelman                  2         

Mark Klein                         2

Barbara Lehrer                 13      

Dave Lehrer                       5                 

Ernie Levinson                  4         

Rich Levy                            1

Terry Littleton                   4         

Nikki Marmo                      2

Ann-Marie McBride          3

Nancy Newberry               7

Christine Nolte                  2         

Jim O’Hara                         2         

Cathy Osada                      1                                 

Russ Palmeri                      1

Peg Patterson                     18      

Rosalie Phillips                  5

Randy Rae                          3

Joel Rappaport                  1

Nola Ray                             3         

Rob Rich                             22      

Ben Roberts                       1         

Ginny Robertson               2

Boyce Robbins                   1

Darcy Rose                         1         

Norm Rosenstein               11      

Pete Schissel                      10      

Myra Schoen                      1

Peter Schoen                     9         

Grace Schmidt                   2

Kerry Schwartz                 4         

Max Shaw                          16      

Judy Shillinglaw                7         

Gretchen Smith                 3         

Laura Spinks                      1

Betsy Stecher                     1

Cathy Stryker                      1

Bill Stewart                        1

Wendy Strauss                  1

Janie Sumner                     1

Kathie Swaringen             4         

Mark Threlkeld                 4         

Robert Toomey                  2

Bill Tyler                             7         

Lloyd Weinerman             15      

Steve Weisenfeld              3         

Mary Lynn Westervelt      8                 

Paul Westervelt                 10      

Susie Wethington              1

Nettie White                      17      

Linda Wilson                      3

Lee Wilcox                          31      

Julie Wilcox                        21      

Linda Wynes                      1

Greg Zack                           3

Marjorie Zack                     3


9.  Cumulative 70+% Games,  May - September


Patrick Barnes       1

Paul Beebe             1

Kay Beebe              1

Kris Boswinkel       2

Hal Campbell         1

Ruth Carson           1

Wayne Dow           7

Carolyn Elliott        1

Ed Euler                 1

Don Farver             1

Jonathan Friedel   1

Nick Frost               2

Bert Hall                 1

Chris Heppe           1

Barbara Lehrer     1

Dave Lehrer           1

Ann Marie McBride   1

Nancy Newberry   1

Peg Patterson          2

Rosalie Phillips      1

Rob Rich                 1

Norm Rosenstein   2

Pete Schissel          1

Grace Schmidt       1

Max Shaw              1

Judy Shillinglaw    1

Janie Sumner         1

Bob Toomey           1

Bill Tyler                 1

Mary Lynn W         1

Lee Wilcox              1

Lloyd Weinerman 1

Julie Wilcox            2

Greg Zack               1

Margie Zack           1


10.   N/S - E/W  First Place September Finishes by date


Gayle Covey/Steve Devico            9/1

Mary Lynn Westervelt/Judy Shillinglaw


Max Shaw/Paul Westervelt         9/2

Kris Boswinkel/Nick Frost


Nola Ray/Johanna Cressy         9/3

Michaelann D/George Ackerman


Rob Rich/Lee Wilcox                 9/4

Paul Beebe/Kay Beebe


Barbara Lehrer/Max Shaw          9/5

Lee Wilcox/Ernie Levinson


Lee Wilcox/Julie Wilcox            9/6

Peggy Axley/Eldon Clayman


Julie Wilcox/Peg Patterson          9/7

Michele Heller/Francie Glickman


Max Shaw/Paul Westervelt         9/7

Wayne Dow/Bert Hall


Dave Lehrer/Barbara Lehrer      9/8

Max Shaw/Paul Westervelt


Paul Beebe/Kay Beebe                9/9

Norm Rosenstein/Carolyn Elliott


Lisa Bryant/Jim O’Hara                9/10

Bill Tyler/Patrick Barnes


Paul Beebe/Kay Beebe                9/11

Peter Schoen/Lloyd Weinerman


Doug Hibshman/Philip Buliard   9/12

Norn Rosenstein/Lloyd Weinerman


Nick Frost/Kris Boswinkel            9/13

Bert Hall/Norm Rosenstein


Bill Tyler/Patrick Barnes              9/14

Julie Wilcox/Peg Patterson


Rob Rich/Carlyn Elliott                 9/14

Nettie White/Mary Lynn Westervelt


Dave Lehrer/Barbara Lehrer      9/15

Ed Euler/Gretchen Smith


Sylvie Horvath/Philip Bulliard    9/16

Carolyn Elliott/Stephen Wiesenfeld


Lisa Bryant/Jim O’Hara            9/17

Peg Patterson/Chris Heppe


Paul Beebe/Kay Beebe            9/18

Wayne Dow/Jane Champion


Lee Wilcox/Wayne Dow               9/19

Peter Schoen/Daniel Hayman


Nettie White/Wayne Dow         8/20

Jane Champion/Ben Roberts


Bert Hall/Wayne Dow                  9/21


Julie Wilcox/Peg Patterson          9/21

Terry Littleton/Kerry Schwartz


Gretchen Smith/Peter Schoen     9/22

Johanna Cressy/Christine Nolte



Nick Frost/Kris Boswinkel            9/23

Lloyd Weinerman/Bert Hall


Pat Campbell/Hal Campbell          9/24

George Ackerman/Michaelann D


Wayne Dow/Bert Hall                  9/25

Mary Lynn Westervelt/Nettie White


Pat Campbell/Hal Campbell        9/26

Wayne Dow/Judy Shillinglaw


Darcey Rose/Bill Tyler                  9/27

Nettie White/Wayne Dow


Julie Wilcox/Peg Patterson          9/28

Doug Hibshman/Mark Threlkeld


Paul Westervelt/Max Shaw         9/28


Ed Euler/Kathy Swaringen         9/29

Pete Schissel/Stephen Wiesenfeld


Ronna Bloom/Donna Kelman      9/30

Lisa Bryant/Nancy Newberry

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