October 2020 Bridge Stats

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Subject: October 2020 Bridge Stats
Date: November 2nd 2020

Asheville Bridge Room. Grand Slam Duplicate Bridge at the Jewish Community Center JCC

October Asheville Club Game Stats  (10/1 – 10/31)


Note from the Club Statistician:  As of October’s recording of stats, we’re six months into our thoroughly modern and awesome virtual club games, or a half-year removed from our beloved physical games at the clubs, depending on your point of view.  Transitional moments call for reflection and more, and the Bridge world is in one now, with the election, the change of seasons, and a deepening awareness that our virtual games are what we have. 


It isn’t my place to speak about this, necessarily, but winter and holidays are coming up, and may be a tough time for some of our members.  Virtual games are a tough substitute for in-person experiences, but they’re the vehicles that we have to reach out to each other. 


So, in a word, this is my call to members and leadership to expand our connections within Asheville Bridge however we can in this moment, because we need each other, for instance, by filling out convention cards and playing with new partners, helping to figure out a club partnership desk, congratulating and calling on others sometimes to talk about hands and games, including our opponents, grrr, thanking and encouraging our club owners and directors, who’s thankless work we all rely on, and who knows what else.


I’m in touch with a lot of our members through the stats and lessons, etc., so this is an expression of my concern and hopes for everyone’s and our clubs’ continued well being. That’s all for now on this subject.


On to stats…


Special October Recognition:


Because we’re a half-year in, I’ve included cumulative stats for May – October, Master Points and number of Games Won.   Lee is on top, of course, as well as myself, Kris, Bert, Barbara, Julie, Rob, and more, a great list of worthy competitors.


But the competitor who has really risen this month is Peg Patterson.  She tied for most 60% games.  She took first in seven games, including several open games.  She joined the Rarified 20+ Monthly Master Points Club in October.   And she’s reached the top five in both cumulative Master Points and Games Won over the last six months.  Congratulations my friend and occasional partner.  You’ve worked very hard and have earned your place on top of our leaderboards.  Three more Gold Points in December, and you’ll get recognized all over again.


Oh yeah, did I mention that Bert Hall became Sapphire Life Master last month?  You rock too, big boy.



Club Stats:


October Games:  31

Total Tables:  241

Average Tables per game:  8.0

Total Different Players May-Oct:  128/124/137/128/130/129

Total Players Scoring Oct. Master Points:  108

Total Master Points Scored:  482.2

Total Players - One or More 60% Games: 48

Total Players - One or More Games Won:   49

Total Players - One or More Games Won:  May-October:  112



Individual Stats


1.  Milestones


Bert Hall                 Sapphire Life Master

Ruth Carson           Ruby Life Master

Paul Westervelt     Silver Life Master

Johanna Cressy     NABC Master

Rise Meyers           NABC Master



2.  Top Games 65+%


Bill Tyler/Patrick Barnes                          70.37%      10/19

Lee Wilcox/Bert Hall                                 69.70%      10/10

Kay Beebe/Paul Beebe                            68.84%      10/7

Nick Frost/Kris Boswinkel                        68.56%      10/21

Lloyd Weinerman/Norm Rosenstein      68.56%      10/24

Gayle Covey/May Elder                            68.21%      10/20

Gayle Covey/Steve DeVico                       67.53%      10/13

Peter Schoen/Lloyd Weinerman             67.22%      10/2

Nick Frost/Kris Boswinkel                        66.74%      10/11

Rosalie Philliops/Judy Shillinglaw           66.26%      10/28

Lisa Bryant/Nancy Newberry                  66.16%      10/14

Johanna Cressy/Sylvie Horvath              65.93%      10/12

Lloyd Weinerman/Lisa Bryant                65.83%      10/25

Lee Wilcox/Rob Rich                                65.66%      10/14

Jane Champion/Wayne Dow                   65.58%      10/30

Barbara Lehrer/Dave Lehrer                  65.08%      10/5

Lloyd Weinerman/Norm Rosenstein      65.00%      10/3




3.   Total 60+% Games 


Peg Patterson          6

Wayne Dow           6

Lloyd Weinerman 6

Lee Wilcox              6

Julie Wilcox            5

Nick Frost               4

Bert Hall                 4         



4.   Top 20 Master Point Totals


Lee Wilcox              22.53

Wayne Dow           20.56

Peg Patterson          20.12

Lloyd Weinerman 14.88

Kris Boswinkel       14.63

Barbara Lehrer     13.98

Bert Hall                 13.94

Julie Wilcox            13.96

Rob Rich                 13.06

Norm Rosenstein   12.97

Nick Frost               11.86

Kay Beebe              10.04

Paul Beebe             10.04

Peter Schoen         10.03

Max Shaw              9.84

Paul Westervelt     9.48

Nancy Newberry   9.26

Lisa Bryant             8.63

Carolyn Elliott        8.52




5.  Top Finishes by 0-750 Pairs in Open Games


Julie Wilcox/Peg Patterson          60.00%      2nd   10/2

Doug Hibshman/Philip Bulliard  55.50%      1st    10/3

Peg Patterson/Chris Heppe         60.01%      1st    10/4

Kerry Schwartz/Terry Littleton  60.83%      2nd   10/6

Christine Nolte/Joel Rappoport   59.90%      1st    10/9

Ed Euler/Gretchen Smith            59.27%      2nd   10/9

Sandi Dover/Michaelann D         62.70%      2nd   10/12

Peg Patterson/Julie Wilcox          62.88%      1st    10/23






6.   Top 10 October Game Winners


Lee Wilcox              8

Peg Patterson          7

Lloyd Weinerman 6

Wayne Dow           5

Nick Frost               5

Bert Hall                 5

Rob Rich                 5

Julie Wilcox            5

Barbara Lehrer     4

Nancy Newberry   4

Norm Rosenstein   4





7.  All October Game Winners


George Ackerman  1         

Peggy Axley           2         

Patrick Barnes       2         

Paul Beebe             2         

Kay Beebe              2         

Kris Boswinkel       3                                 

Lisa Bryant             3         

Phillip Bulliard      1         

Jane Champion      1         

Eldon Clayman      2

Elaine Colokathis   1

Gayle Covey           3         

Johanna Cressy     2         

Steve Devico          2         

Michaelann D           3         

Sandi Dover           1

Wayne Dow           5         

Mary Elder             1

Peggy Frank           1

Nick Frost               5         

Betty Gibson          1

Francie Glickman   1         

Bert Hall                 5

Robin Harben           1         

Chris Heppe           2         

Doug Hibshman    1         

Sylvie Horvath       1         

Lisa Jacobs             1

Barbara Lehrer     4         

Dave Lehrer           3                     

Nikki Marmo          1

Rise Meyers           1

Nancy Newberry   4

Christine Nolte      3         

Peg Patterson        7         

Rosalie Phillips      1

Joel Rappaport      1

Rob Rich                 5         

Norm Rosenstein   4         

Pete Schissel          1         

Peter Schoen         1         

Grace Schmidt       1

Max Shaw              1         

Judy Shillinglaw    1         

Janie Sumner         1

Bill Tyler                 2         

Lloyd Weinerman 6         

Lee Wilcox          8         

Julie Wilcox            5         




8.  Top Cumulative Game Wins,  May - October


Lee Wilcox                          39

Wayne Dow                       36

Rob Rich                             27

Julie Wilcox                        27

Peg Patterson                    25

Nick Frost                           23

Lloyd Weinerman             21

Bert Hall                             20

Barbara Lehrer                 17

Max Shaw                          17

Nettie White                      17

Kris Boswinkel                   16

Norm Rosenstein               15

Lisa Bryant                         13      

Phillip Bulliard                  13

Carolyn Elliott                    13

Patrick Barnes                   12

Nancy Newberry               11

Pete Schissel                      11

Paul Beebe                         10      

Kay Beebe                          10

Hal Campbell                     10

Michaelann D                     10

Ed Euler                             10

Chris Heppe                       10

Peter Schoen                     10

Paul Westervelt                 10



9.  Top 15 Cumulative Master Points,  May - October


Wayne Dow           117.64

Lee Wilcox              116.23

Peg Patterson        87.33

Rob Rich                 84.23

Julie Wilcox            73.14

Kris Boswinkel       72.25

Barbara Lehrer     71.57

Nettie White          71.37

Nick Frost               69.73

Bert Hall                 68.46

Lloyd Weinerman 68.43

Max Shaw              64.79

Paul Westervelt     60.45

Philip Bulliard       60.06

Nancy Newberry   60.02



10.   N/S - E/W  First Place October Finishes by date


Peg Patterson/Chris Heppe         10/1


Kat Beebe/Paul Bebee                 10/2

Peter Schoen/Lloyd Weinerman


Doug Hibshman/Philip Bulliard  10/3

Lloyd Weinerman/Norm Rosenstein


Norm Rosenstein/Bert Hall          10/4

Peg Patterson/Chris Heppe


Barbara Lehrer/Dave Lehrer      10/5

Lee Wilcox/Rob Rich


Julie Wilcox/Peg Patterson          10/5

Alice Jensen/Robin Harben


Nick Frost/Lloyd Weinerman      10/6

Gayle Covey/Steve DeVico


Kay Beebe/Paul Beebe                10/7

Nick Frost/Kris Boswinkel


Chris Heppe/Peg Patterson         10/8

Janie Sumner/Michaelann D


Lee Wilcox/Rob Rich                     10/9

Christine Nolte/Joel Rappoport


Lee Wilcox/Bert Hall                     10/10

Barbara Lehrer/Max Shaw


Nick Frost/Kris Boswinkel            10/11

Peggy Axley/Eldon Clayman


Sandi Dover/Michaelann D         10/12

Wayne Dow/Lee Wilcox


Johanna Cressy/Sylvie Horvath  10/12

Bill Tyler/Patrick Barnes


Gayle Covey/Steve DeVico           10/13

Lee Wilcox/Rob Rich


Lisa Bryant/Nancy Newberry      10/14

Rob Rich/Lee Wilcox


Bert Hall/Wayne Dow                  10/19


Bill Tyler/Patrick Barnes              10/19

Nikki Marmo/Francie Glickman


Gayle Covey/Mary Elder              10/20

Nick Frost/Lloyd Weinerman


Nick Frost/Kris Boswinkel            10/21

Wayne Dow/Pete Schissel


Peg Patterson/Julie Wilcox          10/22

George Ackerman/Michaelann D


Pag Patterson/Julie Wilcox          10/23

Lee Wilcox/Rob Rich


Lee Wilcox/Bert Hall                     10/24

Lloyd Weinerman/Norm Rosenstein


Norm Rosenstein/Bert Hall          10/25

Lloyd Weinerman/Lisa Bryant       


Peg Patterson/Julie Wilcox          10/26

Johanna Cressy/Sylvie Horvath


Barbara Lehrer/Dave Lehrer      10/26


Barbara Lehrer/Dave Lehrer      10/27

Peggy Axley/Eldon Clayman


Lisa Bryant/Nancy Newberry      10/28

Rosalie Phillips/Judy Shillinglaw


Betty Gibson/Peggy Frank           10/29

Elaine Colokathis/Julie Wilcox


Nancy Newberry/Grace Schmidt 10/30

Jane Champion/Wayne Dow


Lisa Jacobs/Wayne Dow               10/31

Nancy Newberry/Rise Meyers

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